KMEC delegates from around the world gather at global conference in Melbourne

Date: April 14, 2016

Kip McGrath Education Centres (KMEC), the ASX-listed, Newcastle-based provider of tutoring and learning support, will celebrate 40 years as a leading education provider on Saturday 9th April. More than 200 KMEC delegates from England, Scotland, New Zealand, Singapore and Australia will come together to celebrate the growth and success of the network, with a conference, awards night and gala dinner.

KMEC has grown from humble beginnings after Kip and Dungea McGrath opened their first tutoring centre in their home at Maitland in 1976. Four decades on, the business now operates across a global network, with over 500 centres in 20 countries, including Kip McGrath Learner Enrichment Centres and specialist remediation partnerships in South Africa.

CEO of KMEC, Storm McGrath, said: “I am incredibly proud of our enduring legacy and our ongoing commitment to improving the literacy and numeracy skills of children around the world.” “Research has shown that when learning difficulties aren’t addressed with young people it can go on to cause much broader socio-economic problems throughout their lives.” “Innovation and the use of technology to address geographical barriers to learning are a hallmark of our network and we have continued to expand our global reach with the introduction of KipOnline services in 2014.”

Storm’s father and the founder and executive chairman of KMEC, Kip McGrath will be honoured at the celebration as a tribute to mark his retirement.

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