Empowering children to change their life story through education.

Kip McGrath specialises in tutoring designed to improve English and maths skills for primary and secondary students.

We focus on these two key areas as they provide the building blocks for all education and enhances life skills and opportunity. If your child cannot read or calculate, life in the modern world is simply going to be difficult.

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Unresolved gaps in foundational learning can have lifelong impacts on your child not only academically, but their confidence and self-esteem can also be compromised. By creating a safe and positive environment where children can succeed, the results have been truly inspiring. Hear from some of our franchisees.

We understand that all children learn differently and that some children may require a little extra help to really understand new concepts. It's not an overnight fix, closing those learning gaps now, will have a significant and positive impact for your child's future.

We also recognise that helping children to catch up, keep up or excel, takes a team effort. Success comes from the child, parent and tutors working together toward a common goal.

About Us

At Kip McGrath Education Centres, we aim to complement the work being done in schools so that students can find success there too. There is a definite need and our centres help to fulfil that need.

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Technology has always been part of the Kip McGrath story and we also offer the Kip McGrath programme in a live, interactive on screen environment. This enables families who are unable to visit a Kip centre to access the quality tuition we are known to deliver. Our on screen programmes remove all geographical barriers to learning and children can complete their lessons via the computer screen from the comfort of your own home. Children experience the same tutoring excellence and results that are achieved in a Kip McGrath centre.

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