A sustainable and scalable solution to overcome illiteracy and innumeracy

Kip McGrath is currently working with a number of countries and organisations to address the issue of illiteracy and innumeracy.

Solving the complex issues surrounding illiteracy and innumeracy takes a dedicated approach and commitment to change . KMEC has developed an approach that is scalable, measurable, accountable and affordable.

Our model is easily adaptable and ideal for:

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The key components of success:

  • Training of local teachers in how to deliver effective lessons using our teaching tools and methods
  • Pre-test  each student to develop an individual learning programme design to accelerate progress
  • Accountability through ongoing progress reports and post testing

Kip McGrath License Model 

Kip McGrath has developed a licensee model that allows institutions (and countries) to license the “Kip literacy and numeracy remediation system” for their own use.

The key to this model working is we train the existing teachers in how to use the “Kip system” and then give ongoing monitoring, support and retraining where necessary.

The benefits are:

  • the students are successfully remediated in literacy and numeracy
  • the teachers are trained on how to remediate literacy and numeracy using a globally  proven system
  • the principal of the institution benefits through better graduation rates and being able to use existing staff to deliver the remediation
  • the country improves as it reduces the social costs associated with a high level of illiteracy and numeracy

Visit the Learner Enrichment Centre page for more information.

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Kip McGrath Franchisee Model 

Traditionally Kip McGrath has delivered its tuition services through a franchise model. The franchisee buys the rights to deliver the Kip system in a centre in a defined geographical territory.

The franchisee is trained in how to run a successful Kip McGrath tuition centre. Comprehensive franchise training and business support includes:

  • Kip system and methodology training in effective remedial tuition
  • Marketing strategies to grow their business
  • Financial management including business planning
  • Business administration support
  • Ongoing professional development and training
  • Access to a network of global franchisees
  • Opportunities for business networking via conferences and seminars

Visit the Franchise Opportunities page for more information.

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Kip McGrath Online Model

KipOnline™ is a “Kip centre lesson” delivered by a tutor live via webcam. This delivery mode represents a new and exciting model. Our online remedial tutoring service represents enormous potential for growth. This Online development means we are able to deliver our tutoring services to anywhere in the world at any time.

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Contact us to discuss an affordable and low risk strategy for implementing this model.

Adult and Vocational Learning

15-20% of students leave school illiterate, innumerate or both. Until recently, these young people who left school early were able to secure employment in unskilled jobs. In today’s world, more and more of these ‘unskilled’ roles, now require trained operators to complete the tasks.

Part of the problem stems from the way students learn. Not all students learn in a manner that is taught in mainstream schools.  Individual learning programmes is key in how we address and overcome the learning gaps in young adults.

Kip McGrath is working with various institutions to help students enrolled in apprenticeship or trade colleges to improve their literacy and numeracy skills. By addressing numeracy and literacy at this stage of the student’s vocational learning, results in an improved skill base and employment level for that region or country.

For more information on KMEC’s adult learning and vocational model: