Storm McGrath: CEO

Following a successful entrepreneurial career in his own businesses, Storm was appointed as a non-executive director to Kip McGrath Education Centres Ltd in 1997, with particular responsibility for managing technology in the business. In 2002, Storm was promoted to Director of Operations, where his responsibilities included the sale of franchises globally. During the next 5 years, the number of Kip McGrath Education Centres doubled. In 2007, Storm was promoted to Managing Director/CEO and in that time has directed the company into the technological age, expanded territories and continues his dedication to overcoming illiteracy and innumeracy.

Kip McGrath: Company Founder and Executive Chairman

Kip McGrath is a co-founder of Kip McGrath Education Centres. From humble beginnings to a global network, Kip developed a remediation learning system that can help a non-reader to be functionally literate with just 100 lessons.  It was  Kip’s drive for an equitable access to quality education, that has help drive the business to become a global force in the specialist field of remediation for English and maths.   Kip still tutors one session each week to keep up to date.

Brett Edwards: Company Secretary / CFO

Brett joined KMEC in 2011. Brett has over 24 years of experience in accounting and reporting in a number of major Australian and international businesses, including 10 years with accounting firm Ernst & Young.  Brett is a fellow of the Institute of the Chartered Accountants Australia and a member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.

Jackie Burrows: CEO United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland

Jackie joined KMEC in 2003. Jackie has obtained a full understanding of the dynamics of the organisation through years that she has been with the company in various roles. Jackie was appointed CEO in 2012.

Her previous career was in the legal system, where she spent 18 years operating with delegated powers, interpreting, implementing statutes, systems and legal directives within the court system. Jackie’s drive and corporate experience adds enormous value overseeing the growing UK network, which has grown to 215 Kip McGrath centres at the time of writing.

 All of Kip McGrath’s employees are passionate about being part of an education company that makes a real difference to people’s lives and are dedicated to empowering and supporting business owners to provide a superior tutoring service to the children in their local communities.