Still love teaching, but over the politics?

All Kip McGrath Education Centres are owned by franchisees, or owner operators. These business people are mostly teachers who have decided to start a business of their own. They aim to improve the educational opportunities for students in their area. They own the business and keep all the profits.

However, KMEC franchisees are not all on their own in many important ways. When joining this business, you become part of a global ‘Kip McGrath Family’. Franchisees receive comprehensive training specifically designed to support teachers and help them get the most out of our successful education programs and business systems.

We are always looking for motivated people who are interested in becoming part of our already successful network.


What do Kip McGrath Education Centres do?

KMEC provide tuition assistance in reading, spelling, English and maths, to students who are having difficulty with their school work or just want to do better. This is done in a positive learning environment through the use of proven teaching methods and programs and is delivered by outstanding teachers.


Why is this business opportunity unique?

You have the backup and support of Kip McGrath Head Office as well as access to all the franchisees in the global franchise network. You are never alone.

Kip McGrath Education Centres has a good track record. You will be part of an organisation where success is the norm. Our franchisees achieve success both personally and financially. There are enough of our centres globally now for us to comfortably say, “if you are the right person you will be a success in this business.” You would be running a business which takes advantage of your skills and training. You don’t have to retrain for a new career in the tuition side of the business, you just need your teacher training, your teaching skills, the motivation to monitor and grow your business and a passion to help children in your local area reach their full potential.


You have a chance to make a direct contribution to the lives of children in your territory. You will change the lives of some of them for the better.

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