Part of our success was being one of the first educators in the world to understand the potential of computers. Computers do not get tired; do not have a bad day, produce consistent results and particularly for boys, are interactive and an enjoyable way to learn.

As our business had its grass roots developed in a vast, regional and remote country the size of Australia, we recognised the need to provide a low cost and innovative distribution method.

We then developed KipOnline™. This development enables Kip McGrath to deliver face-to-face online tutoring, anywhere, in real time. The teacher can be located anywhere and can teach up to five children from multiple locations. Students still receive teaching just like they would experience in a small tutoring group. Each child still receives an individual lesson and individual attention from the teacher.

In the past, the major criticism of online teaching and learning has been the lack of a human element or the degradation of the student-teacher relationship. With KipOnline™ there is no loss of the crucial student-teacher interaction.

To ensure the online experience is as effective as face-to-face tuition, we developed specialist student tools to ensure the lesson is as engaging as a face-to-face lesson.

These include:

  • Video and voice to talk with the teacher and other students
  • A white board to share for working out complex issues
  • Tracking time to see if the student is concentrating properly
  • A hand to ask for help if the teacher is helping another student
  • The ability to see if the student is viewing our software on their computer screen
  • Tools to monitor when the technology is slowing down so we can still complete the lesson without video or sound

Technology has enhanced Kip McGrath’s capability to provide:

Quality delivery The latest technology is used to ensure the same quality every time.

Quality materials The quality can be continually upgraded and modified to be the best.

Accessibility The program is in the cloud and can be delivered to anyone with an internet connection and a printer. If the internet is slow, the program can be printed for local delivery.

Measurability The student, teachers and teacher supervisors all have access to the lessons that are delivered to students. Scores are recorded so student results are tracked at all times and the teacher can constantly improve their performance.

Accountability Kip McGrath can be fully accountable and transparent to the requirements of the customer. While we can’t promise miracles; we can deliver great lessons and track improvement.

Scalability The delivery of the program can scale to the needs of the school and country as required.

Student using a computer