Kip McGrath has a 40 year history and international reputation as a trusted and innovative provider of quality supplementary English and maths education.

Kip Mcgrath Education Centres have provided tutorial assistance in reading, spelling, comprehension, English and maths to primary & secondary students who are having difficulty with their school work or just want to do better.

KMEC’s global head office is located in Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia-  where it all began. The first Kip McGrath Centre opened its doors in Maitland NSW, Australia in 1976. Founded by school teachers Kip and the late Dug McGrath, that first tutoring centre has since grown into a global franchise network of over 500 tutoring centres in 20 countries; including 14 commonwealth countries.

Kip McGrath Education Centres deliver over 1 million lessons per year to help improve the literacy and numeracy of thousands of children from kindergarten through to the final year of high school.

Graph depicting milestones during the 40 years Kipmcgrath has been operating